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Journeyman III

Is my Ryzen 3700x opened?

I recently bought a CPU, from Amazon and received the package without bubble wraps or any protection so it has been probably flailing inside the box. When I opened the CPU, there is a small paper or sticker in between the plastic that holds the CPU.. I am wondering if this has been opened? The box was sealed actually. I am just worried that I bought a used CPU or defective.


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First check the Model Number and Serial Number stamped on the CPU and make sure it is the same numbers printed on the AMD Retail box on the white sticker sealing the box.

If it is different than someone switched your CPU but if it is the same than I have no explanation except maybe someone inspected the CPU before packing and sealing the box.

The White AMD Sticker sealing the box should be whole and not cut when you first received the AMD Retail box.

Also you can ask AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) under "Warranty" if this is typical or if they believe someone tampered with your CPU before being shipped out. You can ask from here:

AMD Support can probably check your CPU Serial Number to find out if it is used or new.