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Journeyman III

Video Decoding 3200g

Good day AMD Community

I have Gigabyte X570 UD, 16GB Ram, 3200g.  The idea is to have something working at the moment and to upgrade to 5000 cpu and 6000 gpu later.

My current problem is that all the video that i play is using 100% of the gpu (Netflix, mkv).

I have activated the XMP on the ram (dual channel) @ 3200Mhz.  I have tried to look for any solution but no information on video decoding.  I can see that the gpu is running at 200Mhz.  I upped it to 1000Mhz with Ryzen Master.  The problem is the same.  Temps are in the mid 40C.

Any suggestion would be great as i am currently pissed off with this. 


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