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Journeyman III

How to get processor pins straight alligned?

I have two AMD processors, A10-7870K and A8-7600. Due to some reason their pins got misaligned. The bend is about 5 to 10 degree. I tried to straight aligned it but it didn't work. Please suggest me how I can get these two processors repaired by AMD authorized service center.

My current location is Chandigarh, So please do let me know the nearest service center.

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Re: How to get processor pins straight alligned?

AMD's Warranty doesn't cover bent or broken Processor Pins. Not even sure if a AMD Service center would repair the processors or how much they would charge.

Here are a few YouTube videos showing how to unbend Processor pins:

Fixing Bent Pins on a CPU - YouTube 

How to fix bent CPU pins - YouTube 

How to Fix Bent CPU Pins (Ryzen) - YouTube 

Fixing a Bent / Broken Pins on a CPU (NCIX Tech Tips #36) - YouTube 

EDIT: Needed to Google to locate what country you are located at. Found this AMD Service Center in your Territory or City: AMD Service Centre in Chandigarh Punjab | Customer Care 

Good Luck!