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Journeyman III

System freeze when switching Ryzen Master OC Profiles.


I've been having an issue with Ryzen Master lately where my system hard locks when switching between profiles in ryzen master. The first profile is what I use when in windows and it's 4 ghz at 1.23 vcore, the second profile is 4.25 ghz at 1.40625 vcore and is only used when I'm playing games or running more intensive applications. Both of my OC profiles have been extensively stability tested and I am sure that they are stable on their own.

My system usually hard locks after 2-3 profile switches and I have to restart my computer via the restart button at the front of my case.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I was under the impression that the whole point of Ryzen Master is to overclock on the fly, while booted into an OS, and have the ability to switch OC profiles on the fly as well. I've tried closing all monitoring programs but nothing has been able to resolve it.

All of my drivers are up to date and my specs are the following;


R5 2600x

GTX 1070

G.Skill Sniper X Series 16GB 3000 CL16

750W PSU


I would really appreciate any help, thanks.

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Journeyman III

Is anyone going to reply to this thread?  It would be FANTASTIC if I could figure out why my X399 Ryzen Master combo likes to do this to me every once in awhile.  I stumbled onto this thread trying to figure out how to get my Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB ( w/ my MSI X399 SLI+ to work at 3600MHZ.  You either have to be a computer scientist or a serious enthusiast to get anywhere close.  The XMP profile replies are nauseating.  NO the XMP profiles don't work.  Getting close to stable with Ryzen Master does work...IF it doesn't hard lock your Windows 10 OS when you click on OK at the EULA.