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Adept I

FPS drops in game. CPU ?

I used to have a Ryzen 5 1400 in my pc which didn't allow me great performances in-game. I had a lot of FPS drops, especially in my main game Valorant. 
After I posted about my FPS problems here a few months ago, someone nice helped me telling me to upgrade my CPU since the 1400 was bottlenecking, and so I did.
It resolved all my performances problems... until now.

Since a few days, I'm getting somehow the same kinds of FPS drops I used to have with my old CPU and I have no idea why. The current one is a Ryzen 5 3600 so it's not supposed to be a problem. It suddenly started a few days ago and I didn't even do any specific update or something. It's my old nightmare coming back to life. I don't know what to do and my game experience is once again being ruined. 
Can anybody help me please ?

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