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Journeyman III

Does Ryzen 3 2200G APU support ECC RAM ?

Hello all,

I have a question about Unbuffered-ECC/buffered-ECC memory supported by new APU. Does 2200G support it? I know that ECC memory supports in Ryzen CPU it is unofficial feature, but maybe in this APU this feature is presented on hardware level?

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Re: Does Ryzen 3 2200G APU support ECC RAM ?

I am also looking for an answer to this.

Can someone who knows please confirm whether ECC registered DIMMs work? And if so, does it actually do error correction or does it just use the RAM like non-ECC RAM?

Adept I

Re: Does Ryzen 3 2200G APU support ECC RAM ?

General details on ECC functionality :

Only AMD:s server oriented CPU:s use REGISTERED/BUFFERED ECC.

(Like Epyc or Opteron, basically regardless of socket variant.)

Consumer CPU:s (including Ryzen based "Pro" variants, but NOT earlier architectures !!!)...


I have personally used such memory on :

* Athlon 64 X4 (DDR2 PC-6400 ECC UDIMM)

* Athlon II 240E & Phenom II 965, and currently FX-8320... (DDR3 PC-12800 ECC UDIMM)

... and I know, but haven't had any own experience with, that Ryzen CPU:s (WITHOUT integrated graphics) work perfectly with ECC too (DDR4 PC-(all speeds your motherboard supports) ECC UDIMM).

To summarize :

* A Ryzen WITH integrated graphics MAY work, it depends on several things OTHER than AMD.

* Normally, any AMD consumer CPU... WITHOUT integrated graphics... works well with unbuffered ECC (UDIMM ECC).

* AMD and ECC go hand in hand... and we've got to LOVE that!

Adept I

Re: Does Ryzen 3 2200G APU support ECC RAM ?

Hi there,

I'm also looking at the 2200G to run a ZFS based TrueNAS server which recommends ECC ram.

Did anyone have luck using ECC ram with actual working error correction?

EDIT: I would be looking to use it with this MB (due to it's dual 10gbe ports)


Re: Does Ryzen 3 2200G APU support ECC RAM ?

That processor does not support ECC. That board does, but Raven Ridge units do not. As @m1k3_dd  said non-graphics CPU's do support ECC, unofficially though. The "PRO" series do and they aren't available retail but here's a link: 

Ryzen™ Desktop Processor with Pro Technologies | AMD

Interesting article with regards to AsRock and ECC using a R5 3600: Ryzen 3600 and ECC RAM? : unRAID (

Also, the Threadripper supports ECC for sure.

If you're trying to post without a GPU, AsRock is your best choice there. Though you could pick up an older WX series GPU fairly inexpensively.


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