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Adept I

AMD RYZEN 7950X crashes with PBO on

I have a new build with this setup:

Computer Type: Desktop



Motherboard: Gigabyte B650M DS3H motherboard

BIOS Version: F9a

RAM: Gskill Flare X5 2x32 GB ram DDR5

PSU: Corsair RM750 PSU

Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow Case

Cooler: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240

I have disabled auto ddr5 boost on the ram which is now running at 4800 mhz. 


The system is stable with PBO and Core Performance Boost disabled on the BIOS. If I enable CPB and PBO, even with an 80°C setting from the mainboard presets, after some time gaming (and this happens only gaming) the following thing will happen:


Screen goes dark. Mainboard leds are on and so are fans. Reset on the mainboard will not work. I will have to turn the PSU off to restart my system. I checked the temperatures and with PBO on auto and CPB enabled it never got past 80 degrees so the system looks like it is well cooled. When I limited to 80°C the PBO boost the temperature was below 60°, however a crash happened after about 1 hour of gaming.

I am confused, the same kind of crashes (with reset button unresponsive) happened with the factory BIOS every few minutes while I still had to install the OS, and where solved with a BIOS update. The way the crashes happen are suspiciously similar and that makes me suspect the motherboard.  However the fact they are related to PBO and CPB makes me think that the CPU might be faulty. What can I do?

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Some might say that the board you have will run the 7950X just as good but with that power delivery... my experience says it won't. Also, the RM750 might be a tad on the edge but doable.

Also, 240 rad on a unrestrained 7950X is not that good. 

I know I might be speaking against myself with the PSU and 240 rad, I run those on a 7950X but the board... Too weak to power that beast of a cpu.

Try EcoMode 105 and 65 with PBO enabled then see if it still crashes. If it does then you may have found the culprit.

Good luck 

The Englishman

Ok. Do you happen to know where may I find the eco settings you mention? I don't see those in my motherboards menu. Meanwhile I tried a different thing based on an issue I found on archwiki. I limited the boost to -200 mhz negative. 

I know I overspent on the cpu and bought a cheap motherboard and the correct solution might be a more costly mainboard. 

As for the cooling. It's surely not top notch, but in any test I run temperatures never topped 75 degrees...

Anyway thanks for the help, I will keep you updated on the test (edited for a mistake,  but the settings I'm testing seem to be stable).


It should be in the same place as PBO or you can use Ryzen Master in Windows. 

Also, check for curve optimizer, that can really help with undervolting plus adding some performance. 

Doesn't hurt to try.


The Englishman

I will try.  I don't have Windows on my PC, but I can look up what the options of Ryzen Master do and replicate that.  

For now limiting the PBO megahertz boost seems to give stable results, but I may try other setups. Later I may upgrade my motherboard. By the way what would you suggest as an acceptable solution for a stable build on my cpu?

Hi I have done some testing and did not experience any crashes with PBO enabled, CPB enabled, but I had to use the advance settings and put an offset of -200 mhz on the top frequency of the boost. -100 mhz is also stable, but I did not test it as extensively. The pc is quite fast with those settings.  

Hi, I'm sorry for not replying sooner but I was a bit away from the forum lately. 

Glad you got it stable at least. 

The Englishman
Volunteer Moderator

I've also heard that PBO and R-BAR don't play well together.  I don't know if you were configuring your system for R-BAR at all.

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