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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5600G

I have my new AMD Ryzen 5600G CPU which should be compatible with my asus prime a320m k motherboard but for some reason when i put in the new CPU nothing displays on the screen.

I tried incremental BIOS updates for my motherboard but it will not go past version 5606 always giving me the error message "The model of the BIOS image does not match the BIOS ROM currently present" if I try and get any version newer than that.

I tried installing the drivers for the AMD CPU but it only allowed me to install some using the auto detect tool, whenever I tried to get the drivers ordinarily I got the message "Error 182 - AMD Software Installer detected AMD graphics hardware in your system configuration that is not supported"

I've tried to look online on what I need to do but I'm not great with PC stuff so I haven't had much luck, do you have any ideas on potential solutions?

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Big Boss

DizzyForStrive, if you have not done a fresh install of Windows, please do. Format the system disk (GPT). Make sure CMS is turned off. Then install all AMD drivers and Ryzen Master (RM), downloading from AMD ONLY. Post a screenshot of RM. Thanks and enjoy, John.
EDIT: Please do not install anything from the MB vendor except BIOS.

can you give me your discord name or something to contact you on so you can show me what to do


i0 have the same no display problem with my a320m a pro msi motherboard did all the bios updates


By any chance when you tried to update your Asus BIOS did you change the name of the BIOS file by using the tiny program that comes with each BIOS download?

You need BIOS version 6042 for your Asus Motherboard to recognize your new 5600G processor. Otherwise it won't boot up with anything older than 6042:

So 5606 needs to be updated to BIOS version 6042 or newer for your processor to work:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 120942.png

Downloaded your Motherboard BIOS Version 6042 and Unzipped it and ran BIOS Renamer.exe and it now has the correct BIOS name that can be use to update your BIOS version:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 120942.png

Once you have the correct BIOS Version installed see if  your Computer boots up or not. If it doesn't remove all RAM Sticks except for one RAM stick and leave in DIMM Slot# 2 and see if it boots up.

Make sure your RAM is listed either at Asus QVL List for RAM - 5000 APU Series or it Manufacturer's Website QVL List:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 120942.png

Once you boot into Windows you now can install either Asus Motherboard OEM AMD VGA Driver or AMD own VGA Driver from here: