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This is cool!

My PS5 just died, and I am pretty sure it's the PSU. Like normal, I am researching PSU's and get sidetracked and run into this. Maybe I am late to the party, and everyone already knows about this EK PS5 Monoblock. Thought I would share. It definitely gets the ideas flowing.




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And in true EK fashion, it costs as much as the PS5. 

Performance over Pretty.

LMAO. No avoiding it. Like buying Sony in the 90’s


Probably explains why I've avoided Sony to this day. And of course, EK's QC on their plating is NON EXISTANT.

Performance over Pretty.

I think that was a phase a few years back. I personally have not seen any issues as of last few years but I know exactly what your talking about and if I try hard I could probably find one of those old blocks with plating issues.


I'm still seeing photos of it in the watercooling subreddit. Old stock? No idea. Mind you, I'm more partial to hard chroming or electroplated nickel. It's more expensive, but it lasts longer. Especially the chrome.

Performance over Pretty.
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I have seen these. They are really cool. I'm not on console anymore, but if I was this seems like something I would try. Does anyone know if there are performance benefits from the extra cooling capacity of a setup like this?

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There is always cooling benefits from a custom loop. But as @Axxemann  said “your going to pay for it.