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PC Building


EK or Alpahcool

Im looking at taking the next step in PC building and want to do a custom loop. Not sure if i want to use my current case Lian Li 011D or use a Lian Li 011 Mini. It will be an AM5 build X670 Aorus Elite Mobo, Ryzen 9 7950 X3D, DDR5 Memory im not sure of as yet. Now this is all dependent of overall cost. CPU, Mobo and RAM is going to be close to £1000, i can reuse the 1000W PSU and the Lian Li Uni fans and ive only recently purchased the reference model RX7900 XTX. I really like the aesthetics of the EK water blocks, distro plate, fittings etc but i do prefer the cost of the Alphacool products. Any input from my peers would be greatly appreciated.

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 Both are good but EK rules with cooling performance. Not even close


@Awol, I think I am more excited than you that you are doing a custom loop. Please hit me up if you have any questions. You can PM me too if you want. 

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I would stick with the larger case.  That permits more elaborate loops and things of this nature.  The coolant reservoir could be something unique, like a 350 ml wine bottle.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I would also check out the Heatkiller series from Watercool.  Excellent products.  

Yes, I agree. Heatkiller makes great blocks, but they are limited on aesthetics. So it depends on what you have in mind for your build I guess.