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Green Screen Crash

Hello everybody,

here is again a typicall problem. I had a big issue with green screen crashes (the one without any error message) so I removed and reinstalled the drivers. However if I know want to start a game a get the message that I can not do that in normal mode, but have to go to save mode. Since the crashes are pretty random I also do not know if the crash problem is solved completly. 
Any idea how to run the system without any issue? Is underclocking a possiblity (I saw it somewhere).

The System:
GPU - Randon RX 7800 XT
CPU - Ryzen 5 7600
RAM - Corsair vengenance DDR5 6000MHz
Motherboard - MSI pro B650S Wifi

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Community Manager

Hello, @annimagical 

What is the cause of the crash? Is there a specific game or app that could trigger the green screen? Or did you change a hardware component recently?

With the above in mind, I don't think underclocking (or overclocking) will fix the issue. Instead, and in general, the first thing you want to do is figure out whether it's hardware (i.e. faulty PCI slot, cable(s), RAM/MB compatibility, etc.) or software issue (driver, OS, game, app, etc.). 

A simple way to figure it out is by simply removing and then reinstalling your GPU (while keeping the same driver). Do the same with your RAM sticks. 

On the software side, you can reinstall the driver or revert to an older, stable, version. 

Something tells me your issue has to do with memory...


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