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Journeyman III

WX3100 in notebook use newest driver, OS become no response occasionally

I bought the HP ZBook 14u G5, which graphic card is UHD620 and WX3100。I find that original driver's function is too little, whose version is 17.40.1026.1003. It does not have any function about video(steady video, fluid motion), even do not have mode change function.

So I try to download newest driver for AMD website(18.Q1.1), it seems to work well. However, I found that my cursor become no response occasionally, especially when I right click on the desktop or plug in/out USB devices, the OS(not only cursor!) very likely to become no response.(just like that the screen freeze for about 1 second). But when I change to original driver, this problem disappear. And if I am using some programs which need graphic card, such like video player, this problem does not occur.

What should I do?

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At HP Support there are many new Driver Updates for your Laptop (2018). Maybe if you update all your Laptop drivers from HP Support it might work more smoothly. Make sure this is the correct model before downloading and installing any Driver updates from here: HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support​.

Here how to Update the AMD Drivers in your laptop according to AMD Forum: Laptop graphics update...How to  and how to configure your switchable laptop : Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System



This is only one driver provided by HP...Driver Packaging Version:17.40.1026.1003-171128a-321921C-HP

And the driver, which announces that support my model, have the problem I described above...



Is your HP Laptop updated with the latest Drivers from (2017 & 2018)?

Here are three that may help with your issues:

Intel Sensor Hub Components - 1/26/2018

HP Pointing Device - 3/13/2018

AMD Video Hybrid Graphics (HG) Driver & Control Panel for Windows 10 - 01/29/2018

Plus there are many more in November 2017 and 2018. If you haven't updated your Laptop since you Purchased it, it is a good idea to update it to the latest drivers so that the laptop will be compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.

Is this the driver you downloaded from AMD Support - FirePro Mobility : AMD FirePro™ Mobility Driver

If you continue to have problems after your laptop is updated. Then try reinstalling a Previous Firepro WX3100 mobile driver from here: Previous


this laptop begins to sale first in China last Friday, and all the drivers(except pointing device) are the newest. then I updated the pointing devices's driver, and just in vain. I am sad to say that the real version of "AMD Video Hybrid Graphics (HG) Driver & Control Panel for Windows 10 - 01/29/2018" is crimson 17.7......maybe we need the official engineers from AMD and HP to answer this question: why they are unwilling to provide the newest driver.....


By any chance, did it resolve your laptop problems in any way?


No. Only the official driver provided by HP do not have this problem, whose version is 17.7.


Actually, AMD does provide newer drivers but unfortunately they are considered to be generic. These drivers are meant to work in all laptops but they don't take into account all the features the Laptop may have been customized with by their manufacturers.

That is why it is best to use the Laptop's Manufacturer own customize Laptop drivers to take full use of all the laptop's features within the laptop's power and heat requirements.

The people who you need to talk about updating the drivers is HP. Since they were the ones that built and made your laptop. AMD Generic drivers will work but not as well as HP's own drivers. You have a Business Laptop with a Professional AMD Graphic's card. Try installing one of AMD Previous drivers that is newer than the one from HP as I posted in a earlier link. Maybe it will work better than the 17.7.

By the way, Make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows Update. The latest AMD Drivers needs Windows to be fully updated. Also before reinstalling the AMD Driver be sure to delete C:\AMD folder and disconnect from the internet after uninstalling the AMD Driver and then using DDU to clean up the traces of the old driver.

Now reinstall the new AMD Driver and if it installs correctly, reconnect the internet and again delete C:\AMD folder. Otherwise wait for another AMD or HP Graphics driver update on your GPU card. try again.


Thank you! Since my laptop appears on AMD Website, I think AMD should finish the customizing work.


I have emailed HP support and AMD support for further help, hoping they will fix this bug in the futrue.

I tried installed the 18.Q1 and this problem can not be solved.

I tried to install the 17.Q4.1/17.Q3, and the installer told me that "no eligible components are found to install".

Now I have turned my driver's version to 17.7, because I have installed and uninstalled the driver dozens of times. I feel tired. I have tried to solve this problem for 3 days, and went to sleep at 2:00 AM these days.

Now I success to open fluid motion by RadeonMod...