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Journeyman III

Lastest GPU driver update broke my Skyrim.

Hey guys!

The lastest GPU driver update broke my Skyrim. I played yesterday, everything went well, but today my Radeon Control Center updated the driver, and my Skyrim broke. I only see one frame when i try to load up the game, and after one frame (if i'm lucky i can see 3 frames), it's not responding anymore. No sounds, no menu, alt+F4 not working, only task manager can kill the game.

Everything runs at the latest updates, my Skyrim isn't corrupted, i re-checked the files with Steam after 2 failed load-ups.


GPU: Asus STRIX R9 390X DC3OC with BIOS update

OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Build 16299.309 (1709/RS3)

Radeon software version: 18.3.4 - Adrenalin

Screen: AOC G2460PF 75hz 1080p through Display Port

MB: Asus Maximus VII Ranger with 10/28/2015 BIOS update

CPU: i7-4790k at base clock (4ghz)

PSU: Cooler Master V1000 1000W

RAM: 16GB 2400Mhz
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Have you adjusted all the settings correctly in the Skyrim laucher that can cause an issue. If playing threw steam do a game validation which is key as may need rto redownload the corrupted missing files in the skyrim folder. As I know steam has had a bugged update throwing up issues if using steam. Tweak your settings in your Radeon control panel global setting which will help. If running any 3rd party OC tools or 3rd party tools delete them can cause driver unstability. But if running threw steam idea is give your system a registry clean & validate Skyrim game files, which to me sounds more the cause. Tho I will test Skyrim myself to test on my RX560


I'm not using any third party apps for OC, and not even the WattMan. And as i said, i validated the game files after 2 tries.


Install the Previous AMD Driver that worked and send a AMD REPORT ISSUE so that AMD Support is aware that certain game is having problems with the latest AMD Driver. Or wait to see if the game's Support site updates the game with a patch.

AMD REPORT ISSUE : AMD Issue Reporting Form


Do a registry clean might be another idea I can suggest I havr had the odd game that needed a registry clean to correct an iffy driver which sometimes leaves traces of corrupted files from an update I am srtill on the 18.2.1 driver atm without issues with Skyrim tho I only update as I fell confedient. Playing warrhammer verimtide 2 like butter on these drivers atm running smooth as tho I dont download rushed game ready drivers for a month or 2 until I feel they are running smooth enough. I am going to try the latest drivers in the next couple weeks as mines due but waiting till I get some decent time to do some testing as havnt had enough to do  in depth testing lately work commitments & family things going on tho if I get time this weeknd I will & try & see if its the driver. If you were running the previous drivers no issues I suggest rolling them back an update or 2.