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Journeyman III

Sapphire 7900XT Nitro power draw...silent bios?

I've got an unopened 7900 XT Nitro, but I'm thinking about returning it, since the base TDP is the highest among all XT custom cards (368 TDP) and I'm concerned that the higher TDP (pulse e.g. only has 315 i.e. 15% less) is only burned to achieve like 2% more performance.

But then of course the nitro also has a silent bios, of which I heard that it consumes significantly less power. But I can't seem to find any resources that docment this in detail..

To all XT nitro owners, if you could comment on the actual watt usages of your cards (both in regular and silent mode) that would help me out a ton. Also, if you have any numbers on what you can achieve with undervolting, that would be greatly appreciated too.

Also, if I wanted to maximize fps per watts, should I just be going for an XTX instead?

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Adept II

Ignore those TDPs I've got the Nitro-x rx7900xtx... It draws 460w while gaming.

Install the card and enjoy some rock solid FPS...