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Journeyman III

RX6650XT Running poorly

So I bought this gpu a few days ago and tried to fire up some games, everything was fine, no error untill i actually started to test the gpu. Its litearlly locked at 143w and cant pass that limit also The witcher 3 its running in 45-50fps i even swaped into another pc and it got the same results My specs are r5 5600, 16gb ram 2x8 ripjaws clocked at 3200mhz. Doom eternal barely works if i activate rt on, i get somewhere to 10fps and the gpu sometimes makes a buzz weird noises  which some threads said that its bcs of coilwhine. I tried swaping the drivers, getting the gpu in another pc but nothing seems to work, i dont really know what to do since i tried everything and the gpu still stays at 143w and the performance is still low, i hope i get some help here

It might not be bcs of the tdp but still the performance is really low so this is why i am here so a hand of help would be really useful, thanks<3

This is an video with the rx6650xt getting around 40 fps in 1920x1080 ultra+ without rt nor scaling options

Even if i crank up the resolution it s really doesnt help at all 

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