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Journeyman III

Can RX 5700 XT run a 49 inch monitor in PBP at 120 hz?

Greetings from France!

I am thinking of buying a 49 inch screen to complement my work setup (no gaming), and I was wondering whether my RX 5700 XT could run this 49 inch monitor in Picture By Picture (PBP) as two 2560x1440 monitors at 120 hz, 144 hz, and 165 hz, using two DP 1.4 cables?

If not, could it run two monitors at 1920x1080?

I could only find answers on the internet saying an RX 5700 XT is not going to top 120 fps on a 5120x1440 screen. But again, I don't plan on gaming on this setup, so I couldn't find an accurate answer. Many thanks for any contribution you could make, I'd love to have your thoughts.

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