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Journeyman III

Rx 6800m artifacts

help please?
my Asus G15 advantage edition just had a few artifacts
So far it only have happened in Horizon zero dawn with FSR ultra quality and 2k or 4k resolution, external monitor and only on the right side of the screen as you can see (tested it with 2/3 different monitors)

artifacts images (black and white squares and a white circle in the right side)


it doesn't happen in the laptop monitor (full hd) or if its connectec to an external monitor and i change FSR to quality or below, change it to native 2k or 4k or change the resolution to full hd ( fsr ultra on), it doesn't happen

i've tested a few games and don't have any issue or artifacts

R6 siege, Valorant, RE2 remake, Outer worlds, outer wilds,3dmark and hellblade senuas sacrifice, in hellblade i got a distortion in the sky near the beggining but it dissapeared as soon as i got near it and couldnt replicate it again or get another bug/distortion everything was fine

AMD Radeon driver 22.1.2 and horizon zero dawn newest patch 1.11.2 i guess

should i be worried or could be just a driver/software issue?

i just got this laptop (used)

Asus G15 Advantage edition

Ryzen 9 5900HX, Rx 6800M, Windows 11


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Journeyman III

I am having the same issue. I got 7900 xtx and I have driver 22.12.2 it's still acting like this. Black things when you turn it to ultra quailty fsr 1.0 I have also used a mod to make dlss into 2.0 it turns the screen purple. This is the only game I have noticed this issue. Only thing to solve the problem is turn of fsr or turn it to balanced setting. It goes away completely and I am not sure why horizon zero dawn has this issue. I would recommend fsr 2.1 mod for this game. I will be trying that one out next. I really wish amd would fix these issues. Because I bet not enough people test this issue. It could be the drivers with amd it could be resolution. Fsr does cause issues so I would say try balance with higher fsr mod.