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Journeyman III

RX 6800 low gpu usage but cpu not bottlenecked

Hello all, thank you for your time;

First here are relevant specs:

Ryzen 5 5600x on MSI B550-A-Pro motherboard

GIGABYTE Rx 6800 Gaming OC

32gb Corsair 3600mhz ram duel channel

Most games off 1tb Samsung Pro SSD

650W Bronze EVGA PSU


My gpu usage is inconsistent in different games, but in the low gpu usage cases my cpu seems to be around 40-70% usage.

E.g RDR2 max settings 1080p runs good with high 90s% usage on gpu

But Battlefield V, Valheim and CSGO all run underwhelmingly relative to performance of 6800 I've seen in game benchmarks, all without maxing or even close to maxing my cpu or gpu.

I've just installed the card and downloader the AMD software Adrenalin Edition and chipset drivers. 

What is the problem here? Is my ryzen 5 5600x bottlenecking my gpu at 1080p max settings, and by such a large margin as up to 50%? Or is my PSU too little even though the GPU and CPU together in the low usage cases tend to be drawing less than 300W combined? By the way temps of both cpu and gpu are not high or extreme at all.

Any advice is appreciated, many thanks.


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