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Radeon HD 7950

Hello All,

New here, I hope this finds you well during this crisis!

I've an AMD Radeon HD 7950 Sapphire-X with 3GB RAM.

I've had this card for years now and barely ever heard the fans working, this changed in the last few months. I've had some time off last week and I decided to monitor what's going on and I noticed that by just having Google Chrome tabs open on Facebook, Twitter & discord (via browser) the temperature was slowly going up to 80 degrees Celcius, the fans then kick in at a higher speed and the temperature goes down to the 50's, and then it slowly starts building up to reach the 80's again.

I've changed the thermal paste and still the same issue, which suggests at least I didn't further mess up the card.

Uninstalled the Radeon drivers, then used AMD's cleanup utility and reinstalled the drivers again with no better results.

I'd also like to add that the 2nd monitor was only added yesterday to facilitate monitoring the temperature, with or without it, the temperature still rises the same way.

If you need further information please let me know however I am not really tech savvy.

Thanks in advance & Regards.

Be Safe!

EDIT: I Installed older drivers and the issue persists, I have now set the manual fan speed to 65% and the temperature is now not moving at 41 degrees celcius which is acceptable.

The question now is, if I leave the fan speed at 65% but the card gets hot again because of heavy usage/load, will the fans' speed go up or will they stay at 65% because I set them to 65?

I am hoping that the manual fan speed is the minimum RPM and if it needs to, the fans CAN go up to 100% but I am unsure if I'm setting the minimum speed or the permanent speed and hoping someone can enlighten me.

Thank you

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