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Journeyman III

Freezes with Radeon HD 7950 (Vertical Stripe Pattern)

Hello Community,

i've got a problem with my GPU (AMD Radeon HD 7950). A few minutes after boot, my screen freezes with a stripe-pattern (vertical stripes, maybe 3mm thick, 2 colors alternatly, not always the same colors! seems like the 2 main-colors right before freeze) showing and i could do nothing. After restart, the GPU wont be able to connect to my monitor for quite some time. Eventually it will work again and the process starts from the beginning with the freeze.

It started today while watching an online lecture from my university. While watching the lecture for 1h, i got a white screen and could do nothing, sound stopped playing and only option was a forced shutdown via on/off-button. After restart, this thing occured a second time. This time, after waiting some time there came a bluescreen from windows giving the following information regarding the freeze:



indicating something is wrong with the GPU.

I looked for driver updates and did them.

FIrst, after the update everything seemed quite normal, but then while being only in discord, the freeze happend again, now with the stripe-pattern.

I shutdown my PC, removed my GPU and connected my monitor via mainboard. Then i deinstalled my AMD driver, used "ddu" in safe mode to deinstall every potential older driver and deleted every file in C:/AMD (8 GB of setup files from older driver versions). After that, i put the GPU back in, and installed the recommended driver (20.2.2). Sadly nothing of this fixed my problem.

I also checked via admin-console and "sfc /scannow" for corrupted files, but there was nothing.

Is there anything you can think of that i could do trying to fix this problem/ did someone had a similar problem once and got a fix? Otherwise i guess my dear beloved HD 7950 is ready for a replacement...

Thank you a lot in advance.


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Adept I

Can you roll back to the latest drivers that worked fine for you?