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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Problem with my GPU

My GPU (Rx 5600 xt) was working finely till one time I restarted my PC, it didn't reboot anymore as my monitor enters power save n that's it. I tried replacing my GPU with my older one n it actually worked so Idk what should I do 

My current GPU Rx 5600 xt (8 pin)

My older GPU GTX 660ti (6 pin)

My PSU is cooler master 500w

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Adept I

From what I can tell from the specifications from AMD's website, the minimum PSU for the card is 550 watts.  I know you said it used to work, but maybe too much strain was put on the PSU and it has possibly started to fail.  I don't know what your other hardware is, but I never like to be right at the minimum PSU recommendations.

Adept I

A descent psu for that card is not that much go ahead and get a 750w gold psu and be done with your problems because they can 

It's never to late,,unless your dead

It is extremely unlikely that the problem is in the power supply, if the rtx 3080 card with a good 500watt power supply behaves perfectly, there is no problem here, manufacturers are initially reinsured and indicate the power supply is much more powerful than necessary(the devil knows where the buyer took the power supply, maybe from aliexpress bought...) This is just a reinsurance, I certainly do not claim that there is enough power supply for 300 watts (maybe only the power supply will not work for a long time and the load will be peak) And your block is enough for the eyes. If your PC was shutting down under peak load, then maybe it's because of it. But as I understand it, you turned it off and the video card did not send a signal to the monitor, try connecting another loop or turning off the monitor (there is a button on the monitor, hold it, it will turn off, then press it again.) Or connect the cable to another slot on the video card or on the monitor itself. Maybe the video card died, or some update came to windows and this problem appeared.


Amps per rail my friend, check it out worth a look. Screw the watts does it have enough amps on the rail supplying juice to the gpu? @ least %20 above required amperage

Guess I should read closer that not the gpu I was thinking my baad .

Amps per rail still applies

It's never to late,,unless your dead

If the PSU is as old as his original card, then I would say yes, it is probably time to change it.