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Journeyman III

Problem with signal + My computer does not restart if it is connected to the GPU.

Hello! Well, I'll explain a lot of things... Because it's a very bizarre problem that's happening. 

I've had my computer for a little over 2 years and I've always used my Radeon RX 580, I've never had a problem... Until now. It's been two or three weeks since I went to turn on the computer and there was simply no signal on the monitor. After a few attempts, I made it recognize the signal and as soon as I entered the computer, I had an update on Adrenalin and after updating, then restarting the computer, when it was time to "start", the screen had artifact.

The artifact is inconstant and after a while just stops appearing. Everything seemed normal after that, but now, practically every day, I have a problem with the signal to turn on the computer. When I'm using the GPU  Adrenalin tends to refuses to work. I already formatted it, tested everything (except the motherboard) individually on another computer and no problem happened in terms of hardware, so I only have a software problem or a motherboard thing...

If I use my integrated video card (processor), the computer works normally, I don't have any problems, but being on the GPU, eventually I suffer signal loss, either when starting or if I spend a lot of time using the computer. It is impossible to restart, it does the shutdown process, but when starting, only the computer is turned on, the screen is without signal along with the mouse+keyboard. I believe that when the screen has no signal during use, the computer crashes, because I used the num key on the keyboard to check if it was possible to turn the light on and off and it was not possible. When I have loss of signal when starting the computer, the num key works, which indicates that the computer starts normally, but there is some problem to give video signal.

When there is signal loss and I can no longer use the video card, Adrenalin always suffers some error, which may be the same as always or vary in some way.

The only way to make the GPU work again (even if only for a while) is to install adrenaline completely, but the error of not being able to restart the computer persists.

My specs are: Motherboard Asus Prime A320M-K DDR4 AM4;
AMD RYZEN 5 3400G 3.7GHZ (4.2GHZ TURBO);
PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon RX 580 8GB;
HD SATA3 Barracuda 1TB;
SSD Patriot p200, 128 GB;
Thermaltake Smart Series 600w.

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