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Journeyman III

On Gigabyte Vega 64 seeing hotpot and memory temps up to 4000 using Aida64. Since my computer isn't on the surface of the Sun, that can't be right. Are the sensors faulty, or is Aida64 not reading them right?

Motherboard°F842019-04-2112:55:38 PM912019-04-211:11:43 PM86.3
CPU°F822019-04-2112:47:58 PM1172019-04-211:12:52 PM97.7
CPU Package°F972019-04-2112:46:07 PM1312019-04-211:12:52 PM113.0
CPU IA Cores°F972019-04-2112:46:07 PM1312019-04-211:12:52 PM113.0
CPU GT Cores°F862019-04-2112:48:04 PM1112019-04-211:09:32 PM97.9
CPU Core #1°F912019-04-2112:48:14 PM1262019-04-211:12:57 PM107.3
CPU Core #2°F932019-04-211:01:36 PM1312019-04-211:12:52 PM112.0
CPU Core #3°F952019-04-2112:46:22 PM1292019-04-211:09:48 PM109.5
CPU Core #4°F902019-04-211:01:31 PM1262019-04-211:13:07 PM106.6
PCH Diode°F1152019-04-2112:45:00 PM1282019-04-211:11:53 PM117.6
Temperature #1°F872019-04-2112:58:29 PM952019-04-211:13:12 PM89.0
GPU Diode°F1082019-04-211:01:59 PM2052019-04-211:11:06 PM129.0
GPU Hotspot°F1112019-04-211:00:21 PM39652019-04-211:11:06 PM150.7
GPU Memory°F1132019-04-2112:59:44 PM41292019-04-211:05:20 PM146.8
HDD1°F862019-04-2112:53:56 PM882019-04-2112:45:00 PM86.8
HDD2°F862019-04-2112:45:00 PM862019-04-2112:45:00 PM86.0
HDD3°F842019-04-2112:45:00 PM842019-04-2112:45:00 PM84.2
HDD4°F812019-04-2112:45:00 PM822019-04-2112:54:39 PM81.6
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The thousands of degree temps are right, Vega pulls a lot of power so AMD designed the heatsink with a passive liquid sodium cooling system, same type of system which cools modern nuclear reactor designs.

Just kidding, yes it's a faulty reading, nothing to worry about. Could be the software reading error, could be a faulty sensor, or could just be faulty data transmission for that one second because a cosmic X-Ray triggered a million years ago from a star hit your computer.