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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

amd a8 7600 r7 graphis card compatiable gtx 1050

Hello,I want to know if amd a8 7600 r7 graphis card  is compatiable gtx 1050

what about this one?

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Not sure by what you mean if the integrated Graphics of your APU is compatible with a Nvidia or AMD GPU card.

As long as your Motherboard has the correct PCIe x16 slot and PSU GPU Power connector , if applicable, it should work. Depending on the processor it might affect the performance of your GPU Card.

 when you install the GPU card, your motherboard's BIOS, if configured to "Auto", should automatically make your GPU Card the main Graphics to start when you boot up. If you have in BIOS configured to use your Integrated Graphics than it will ignore your GPU card until you change it.