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Journeyman III

My PC keeps shutting off once my GPU reaches 65C+? Is it my motherboard or my GPU?

Just a disclaimer: I already asked this question on Reddit and PC FB groups, but I still haven't solved the issue. This has been an issue with my PC for quite a while now, but I'm tired of temporary solutions like undervolting my CPU or GPU.

When I first asked about this, people said that it was my PSU before (FSP Hydro Pro 550W), but I already replaced it to a newer one (ASUS TUF 750W 80+ Bronze) and the issue still persists. I ran Cinebench and it passed. I ran OCCT and it passed. However, when I try to use 3dmark, sometimes it shuts off, sometimes it doesn't. Whenever I play a game with demanding graphics or unoptimized performance, my PC shuts off with no error screens---as if I turned it off improperly. When it boots up, there is no error screen or warning screen. It boots up like normal. Also, CPU and GPU do not overheat when I play games. When I play NFS Heat, my GPU stays at 60C, and CPU stays at 70C max then it shuts off without any reason. When I play Overwatch 2, my GPU stays at below 60C, and CPU stays below 65C. I have no idea what the problem with my unit is.

To further isolate the issue, I decided to ask my brother to help. I used his NVIDIA RTX 3050 for my unit and tried benchmarking and gaming with the usual games my PC shuts off to and... It doesn't shut off. Hence, I began to think that my GPU was the culprit, so I tried my GPU with my brother's PC and did the same thing. I ran 2 3dmark benchmarks, but it does not shut off with my brother's PC. However, when it is paired with my PC, it shuts off once the GPU temperature is rising and drawing more power.
For reference, my brother has a Ryzen 3 2600 and a 750W unbranded PSU.

I still do not have idea on what is the issue here, but I think it narrows it down to the motherboard or the GPU. Any ideas what could be the problem? I'm planning to buy a new CPU and motherboard, but I don't want this to happen anymore.


  • Intel i7-9700F
  • AMD 6600XT
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • ASUS Prime H310M-E R2.0 MOBO
  • ASUS TUF 750W 80+ Bronze PSU
  • 1TB HDD 10K RPM
  • 512GB M.2 SSD

Here is a summary of the things I've done:

  • Swapped my old PSU (FSP Hydro Pro 550W) to a new one (ASUS TUF 750W) I bought my PSU brand new.
  • Reattached my GPU to the Motherboard
  • Bought a new cooler and reapplied thermal paste to my CPU.
  • Reattached the RAM sticks as well as cleaning the pins---also swapped their slots.
  • Cleaned some of the dust in the PC.
  • Reinstalled Windows
  • Turned off CPU boost. "Processor performance boost mode" is disabled.
  • Replaced CMOS battery
  • Ensured that PSU cables are attached correctly (I'm not using an extension)
  • Did several stress tests like Cinebench r23, 3dMark, OCCT, Windows Memory Diagnostic, and memtest96 (all passed except 3dMark which it shuts down)
  • It doesn't shut off with Cinebench, OCCT, and it passed WMD. It shuts off during 3DMark Time Spy, but I still can't pinpoint the issue since it uses GPU, CPU, and Memory
  • Reinstalled GPU drivers through DDU, three times
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Hi, have you checked the temperature threshold in motherboard BIOS? or any other software mentioning Critical Temperature that's enabled, like the ASUS FanXpert 75C?