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Journeyman III

Massive stutter when either changing tabs or entering full screen

So I recently got an RX6800XT, I also got 16gbs of RAM and a 5600X CPU. I am on win10. Ever since I put the GPU in my pc starts to stutter a lot in certain moments.

It is always one tab causing it, for example, I will be using a browser, discord and whatsapp at the same time. Switching between discord. browser and the home screen does nothing but when I alt+tab to whatsapp my pc will have one frame per 3 seconds for some time and then resume working as normal. After I alt+tab to any other tab it will do the same thing.

Sometimes its discord that causes this. sometimes it happens when I enter full screen on youtube.

I did a clean install of windows and tried older drivers but so far nothing worked.

Please help, I have no clue what to try next. Thank you.

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Journeyman III

Same problem here, I see your post is 1 week old, my problem started at the same time, but I own a 6650XT, I already tried a DDU + Clean Re-install of drivers and it didn't work

Journeyman III

Me too same problem, its because the amd driver version 23.9.2 to amd preview driver now for rx 6000s, the solution now is to downgrade your driver to 23.9.1 will fix browser laging, thats how i fixed this issue now, hope amd will fix browser lag issue in next whql driver release 

Adept II

I solved disabling the "Hardware acceleration" on browser config.
This isnt the best way, but it works.

Im Waiting the AMD solves this problem, and the problem with the return of monitor sleeping