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Journeyman III

How to thermal throttle a RX 6400


I have a RX6400 in a little box behind the tv meant for light gaming. A great little inexpensive setup. For the kids. Cough.... cough.... For the kids!

One minor thing I would like to fix. Noise. I don`t mind taking a FPS hit if I can keep the temperature to, lets say, 70 degrees or under and the fan does not go bonkers.

Is there a app out there that would let me set my ideal MAX temp, then it would throttle the GPUs performance to match.


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Journeyman III

 noticed this last night at about midnight, just thought it looked crazy. Took a snip and posted it. Then went to sleep. Haven't really had time to look into it. This is the first time I've looked at the thread since I posted it.. it is getting very hot, it's "fan" is spinning cuz it's the single slot version. And I have it in a Dell precision 3240 sff so there isn't a ton of air flow. It's super compact. Just playing around with it. Had a low profile 1650 in there prior but needed to move some stuff around for other projects.