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Journeyman III

Brand new 6750 XT DOA

Just got my 6750 XT. Installed it, but getting either continuous crashes, black screens, or freezes.

When, or if, I'm finally able to get into windows, the cursor stutters. I was able to install the latest drivers, but it didn't help.

I've completely formated and reinstalled windows 10 and tried 11, same issues. I started removing other pieces of my PC to see if there was a bad drive, memory, etc.. same issue.

I reinstalled my previous GPU and everything worked perfectly. I'm running 650w PSU with two SSDs, 16GB DDR4, and an I9.

I've reached out directly to AMD for assistance. Being that I just received this card today, will they be sending a replacement? I refuse to warranty a card that just left the FedEx truck a few hours ago.

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