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Journeyman III

How to choose a default video card in Acer Nitro 5?

Hello, I recently bought an Acer nitro 5 with AMD Radeon RX560x graphics, but the ryzen 5 processor has a Vega 8 integrated, and whenever I try to play I choose the vega 8 and not the RX560x how can I choose it so that this is the default, I have everything configured to the maximum performance and even so I did not choose the rx560x afternoon, any help, please.

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Adept I

vega 8 is the económic graphic the rx560x is the graphic gaming, do to use vega8 you need to put in minimal performance 


In Windows Settings under Display on the blue link below "Graphics  Settings" you can choose which GPU (integrated or Discrete) you want to use for whichever app or game you want to run.

I believe when you choose High Performance it will generally automatically use the Discrete GPU card since it is more powerful then the integrated APU graphics.

But you can change that by using Windows Settings - Graphic Settings" to let the laptop know which GPU you want it to use for which app or game.