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Journeyman III

Ryzen3 3300U - LCD Backlight Fuse Troubleshooting

I have a Thinkpad T495 with Ryzer3 3300U board.  In attempting to replace a cracked screen I believe I may have blown the LCD backlight fuse.  How do I locate this fuse and test it?

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I was going to say RMA the laptop under Warranty but since you personally removed the screen the Warranty is voided if you still had one.

You should have taken it to a computer shop that specializes in Laptop repairs if you had no Warranty. But I understand why you wanted to do it yourself to save money since the repairs can cost almost as much as a new laptop.

Does the new LCD  Screen work since you replaced it and just the back light is not working?

As for a the LCD Back Light not working it might not be a fuse. Do you have everything connected correctly when you assembled the laptop?

Could also be a damaged LCD Back Light assembly or the cable connecting the back light is damaged.

In the link below it shows how you can test the Back light once you have it disassembled to check it. If it has a plug you can check to see if it has voltage coming out of the plug which will indicate whether the lamp assembly is bad or damaged and just needs a new one.

If there is a fuse there would be two types, the regular tiny glass or opaque fuse or the solid state fuse located on the motherboard. 

Found this Laptop Repair tech site that shows how to repair or replace a Laptop's LCD Back light assembly: 

The tech mentions it isn't easy to repair or replace even for a seasoned technician.

But in my opinion I would just take the laptop to a repair center and swallow the cost or purchase a new laptop and use that one as a backup.

There several YouTube videos on how to disassemble the Thinkpad T495 laptop if interested. It might show you if you forgot to connected the back light cable or how it looks like.