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Help switching to the 2nd graphics card laptop with Amd A10 9600p R5 intagrated graphics & R7 m340

I have a HP laptop with Amd A10 9600P R5 intagrated graphics and a R7 M340 but my laptop has the intagrated graphics on master and i cant switch it i need the vram and the second better graphics card anyone that can help ?

I have tried updating drivers and the latest one I have is the adrenaline edition.



I cant switch it from my bios or anything.

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Have you tried in Windows Settings - Graphics to assign your laptop GPU card to specific games or programs?

I did the only option is my first intagrated card


Can you run GPU-Z and upload an image to see if the AMD driver is working correctly?

Here is the last AMD Driver for your A10-9600P APU Processor:

Note: there are no Windows 11 driver, in case you have Windows 11 installed.

I would suggest you go to HP Support for your Laptop and update all your HP drivers and BIOS. Also run the HP Diagnostic software to check both your Laptop hardware and software.

In fact, I would first install HP OEM AMD Driver, no matter how old it is,  to see if your GPU card starts working normally again.  If it does that would indicate a driver issue on your laptop and not hardware.

Hey I did try to install all the newest drivers for my graphics cards and my cpu.

And heres the gpu-z 





I am going to try the HP OEM AMD Driver thank you.


Okay I couldnt find the HP OEM AMD Driver but I did do the diagnostic and everything is up to date and theres no errors and now I realized that I dont have a battery for this laptop could that be the issue ? it just runs on wall power and I never thought it would be a problem now all I have to do is go and make ask for help on the hp support.

If anyone has anymore ideas please tell me


Some laptops won't work correctly without a battery installed. Yes I would contact HP Support.

I would uninstall your current AMD Driver using DDU and deleting AMD Driver Installation folder at C:\AMD BEFORE installing the driver again.

This time just install the APU Driver that I linked you to and see if it helps any. 

Your AMD Driver seems to be installed correctly the only thing I find strange is that on the IGPU GPU-Z Vulkan is not enabled but is enabled for your GPU card.



So my venture with the whole HP Support went dud because the site wont recognize my laptop even if i put in my product number.

I may be a little new at this so I dont really know what DDU is but I will do some research on it.

Thanks again for the support. Again Im all ears for more advice. 

Ps. Im Turkish so Im sorry for my bad English and overall grammar and etc.

Your English translations are fine. You communicate well enough, at least for me anyways.

DDU : Wagnardsoft DDU Download