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Adept II

GPU Tuning Issues through AMD Adrenalin


I'm having issues where the Tuning profile doesn't seem to be honoring my Min and Max Frequency settings for my Radeon card. The clearest evidence is that I set my Min Frequency to 2400 Mhz and the GPU still shows 87 Mhz while I have my applications open/

I am running a 4k screen and often have youtube up, discord streaming and use Unreal Editor for Fortnite. I am constantly having my computer choke and freeze when I try to do all of these together and my GPU temp stays at 44C (which is its idle temp).

Unreal Editor is demanding but not recognized as a game app by Adrenalin so I have set my Global Tuning profile to higher performance but it is meaningless.

At this point the power efficiency benefit of Radeon is hamstringing my ability to have a functioning computer and I am open to inefficient power hungry GPU options/settings.

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