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Adept I

Dual monitor setup, one monitor flickers (green) after waking from sleepmode. (VEGA 56)

As stated my dual monitor setup, one monitor flickers (green) after waking from sleep-mode. (VEGA 56)

Windows 10 1803 (17134.1006)

Radeon 17.12

Display 1; Samsung S23C650 (60hz) DP


Display 2 (flickers); Acer GN246HL (60hz) HDMI (this is a 144hz display but not with HDMI)

I have seen that many more people have this problem, but that there was an official "fix" for this some months back, seems this is not the case.

Any advice on what to do to fix this, one solution is to remove sleep-mode i guess but there must be a real fix to this.

One thing im thinking about is that the Acer screen is the one that flickers, its connected with HDMI (before i changed GPU i used DVI) This is a 144hz monitor but only with DVI, with HDMI 60hz is max. Maybe this have something to do with the problem?

Also this problem seems to only occur when im away from the computer over night, say 8h or so, if its 30 min or 1-2 hours it does not happen.

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