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Journeyman III

Display Port doesn´t work with my RX 580

Hey everybody,


I have a Radeon RX 580 in my PC.


Via HDMI and DVI I run two ASUS Screens without issues.


Now I bought a DYON TV and since there are no further free ports I was trying to run the TV over one of the four display ports. I bought two different DP to HDMI adapters, one passive and one active but can´t make it work…


I also tried to run one of the ASUS Screens via DP – no success as well…


Do I have to set things up first in my radeon settings or something?


These are my adapters:








3 Replies

You definitely want a Active not passive. I have bought adapters that just don't work. If you have an avenue to buy retail local where you can return one if it does not work I would do that and try another. If it still doesn't work, you may have a bad port. It can also be that your monitory is finicky about it. So plug into another HDMI device like another monitor or TV and see if that works. If all that doesn't work, if you have a spare drive you can install Windows to, the do a fresh install and see if the port then works. I have had them where I thought they were dead but it was really just Windows was messed up.

This is the link to AMD support if you need them. 

I would also suggest you talk to the company that made your card if this doesn't work too, as they may have advice or offer an RMA.

Good Luck!


Hey again,

I got two new adapters here now. Both are not working:

I don´t get it! Those DPs are built for what I´m trying to do, right? 


 I agree they should work. I have used these many times. No you are not doing something out of the ordinary. I think at this point unless your card is literally a card you bought from AMD, this is not an AMD problem but an issue from who made your card. Talk to their support about why it is not working. You might have a bad card or they might have a design flaw on their board. No idea but it should work.

Good Luck!