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Journeyman III

Black screen

Hello to all

I currently have a problem on my PC. It happens that when I play any title (except lol) my screen turns off, the graphic turns on fans at 100% and the only way to recover the PC is to restart it manually. The sound is still working, you can still hear the discord and the people in discord still hear me. And that's not all, when I turn the PC back on, the AMD drivers are uninstalled or it tells me they are not compatible with my hardware and I can't access the Adrenalin panel from the program tray in the background (you can't click on any of the icons, like it's a visual bug).

I have checked: Overclock and Undervolt, GPU thermal paste, remove all drivers and reinstall them with AMD Utility, remove the XMP profile from the ram and finally buy a new PSU. I have checked temperatures while gaming and they never go above 79-82 degrees, keeping in mind that the graphic supports up to 90.

My configuration:

R7 2700x
Rx 580 4gb Msi gaming X
B450m Steel legend
2 ssd NVME
2x8 3000mhz RAM
PSU 750w 80+ Gold Thermaltake

I appreciate any help and sorry if there are typos, English is not my main language xD.

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Big Boss

I would try the following.

Try a really old game, something less demanding, something like Starcraft, go ahead, its a free game on Blizzard and its just troubleshooting. ALSO! Do a stress test on windows, something heavy, windowed like Heaven or at least try OCCT.

If Starcraft works and Heaven fails, then the GPU is crashing on heavy loads.

To be honest. 90ºC is a NO-GO zone. And 79-82ºC is still too high and will in my opinion leads to a premature fail of your graphics card. I've seen a friends Powercoler RX580 fail after 2 years of prolonged 80ºC temps.

My RoG Strix RX480 OC'ed at 1400 and lately to 1450mhz never ever even touched 70ºC and normally I play triple A games at an average of 63ºC (ok, for my defense the RoG has a very beefy heatsink and 3 fans.)

Do you have good airflow in your case?

Another thing to try... you may want to see if there is a updated BIOS for the card from the MSI, but this is at your own risk. Read instructions on how to do it carefully.

The Englishman