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Adept II

19.7.3 driver released and it works!!!

I just updated to 19.7.3 and ran a full render load on Gopro Fusion Software while watching youtube and Global WattMan in the background and my system is running better than it ever has been.

Has anyone updated and crashed yet?  Mine is steady as it goes which makes me want to do a full system reinstall!

MB - Gigabyte x570 ITX / CPU - 3900X / GPU - 5700XT 50th / 16GB DDR3 / Windows 10 Home

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Adept I

What problems were you experiencing prior to the update?

I plan on trying out the update when I get home, but really my only issue is FreeSync being buggy and poor performance in Overwatch. I have had a crash or two over the last week but that was likely due to pushing the undervolt too far.


I had to do a custom software install stating the this thread prior to this new release 19.7.3:

5700xt Crashing

I wasn't experiencing too much except for adjusting fan temps realtime in Wattman black screen crashing.  Also, I think when I was to load Wattman it caused my H115i AIO fans to stop spinning which is scary for my CPU.  Also, experience a lot of audio stutter.  

After installing 19.7.3 my system feels like how it should normally have felt all along and super smooth.  I have to run some more scenarios tonight to see if I have any other problems.  

Although I'm considering to reinstall everything all over again from scratch.  We'll see.

Side note, I was so disappointed in team red after all the bugs and building my first fully AMD system but now I feel like this:




LOL yeah I can imagine, you get disheartened when there are problems. Such is the life of an early adopter!

I plan on updating as soon as 19.7.3 is downloaded (in about 2 minutes)

Nice to wake up to a new day and a new driver package!

foxwater wrote:

What problems were you experiencing prior to the update?


I plan on trying out the update when I get home, but really my only issue is FreeSync being buggy and poor performance in Overwatch. I have had a crash or two over the last week but that was likely due to pushing the undervolt too far.

I'm still trying to figure out what the real advantages are to even using Freesync (or nVidia's expensive version, Gsync, etc.)  I've seen the demos purporting to show how "bad" my rendered animations are supposed to look without freesync, and how "good" they are supposed to look with it.  Over and over again, I've seen them over the years....;)  There's just one problem:  My non-freesync rendering display always looks much better than the demos say it is supposed to look sans freesync, and truthfully, my non-freesync rendering always looks as good as the freesync demos say it it is supposed to look with freesync enabled!  Seriously--I'm really not kidding at all.  If any of my monitor displays had ever looked as bad as the non-freesync demo representations swear it it is supposed to resemble--I'd have been convinced I had some kind of hardware problem that needed fixing!....;)  My current non-freesync monitor, an AoC U3277PWQU, now pared with my splendid  50th Ann. 5700XT (replacing my venerable but clunky & slow RX-590/480 8GB X-fire GPUs),  seems always to look as good as a Freesync monitor--except that it isn't Freesync, of course!  Darned if I can understand what I'm missing--and I've been scratching my head over that one for a long time.  Screen tearing is just something I almost never see, etc. and freesync seems to have little or nothing to do with that, at least in my situation.  What would you cite as the chief benefit you get from Freesync 1/2?    

Adept III

So far 19.7.3 seems way more stable and I haven't experienced any crashes or issues with it yet.

Did some Uniengine Heaven testing while playing with my overclock settings.

Got my best score yet, and I noticed too when I went over my OC limits the driver crashed as it should and restarted properly without just totally crashing the system or going blank. So it seems the drivers themselves are a lot more stable.

So far I'm running the following OC settings in MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 (Beta 1) and yes it plays nicely with Global Wattman too!

Power Limit: +50%
Core Clock Speed: 2120Mhz
Memory Clock Speed 900Mhz
Core Voltage: 1175mv

I can get it up to 2130Mhz but I get a few artifacts appearing and I can't get the memory over 900Mhz or it will crash immediately.

When letting Heaven run up to max temp which is 72c it's stable and running about 80% fan speed. I'm using a custom fan curve in Afterburner which keeps it at 80% until the card hits 90c then it ramps it up to 100%.

80% fan speed is a bit noisy but I can back that down a bit at the expense of running around 75-76c temps.

Monday my waterblock from EK ships so by next weekend hopefully I'll be able to run the card at around 45-50c max as I've seen in a few other prelim tests run with the same water block.

Once it's on water I'll be using those boosted power tables and see how far I can push the card!

EDIT: I've backed the core clock back down to 2100Mhz as I found on 2120Mhz it was unstable using Time Spy on DirectX 12 whereas Heaven only uses DX11 and has always been more stable than DX12.

Still beating my best scores though so happy with that for now. Will see how stable it is on water cooling and much lower temps next week.


My copy of GTA V is crashing while it's booting up.

me too in starting. Need solution asap but 19.7.2 was ok !


same thing here, tried to reinstall but does not fix it


Yep, same here.  Crashing just after the game window launches.

Adept I

Im still getting crashed (image freezes while i hear game sounds, then after a while im getting black screen and can move a mouse and see cursor moving) then im only able to hold "power" button to turn pc off

wattman settings restores to default after reboot


Even it wasn't mentioned in the driver notes 19.7.3 fixes Overwatch huge stuttering issues that were making game unplayable (i believe something similar was happening to Fortnite that was pointed out in the notes but need someone to confirm that). 
Another "silent" change is a stock (automatic) fan curve for 5700 xt, it has been switched from 690 rmp idle to 1200 - that's a very dissapointing workaround on the problem with max memory clocks causing high idle temps.

Adept III

Don’t hold your breath, I just got BSOD for atikmpag.sys which relates to GPU driver / Windows 10 conflict 


I had one bsod as well - i used windows system reset and during that short window when system closes applications i popped radeon overlay and disabled freesync:
System: memory_corruption
atikmdag.sys, atikmpag.sys

didn't mention it in my earlier post since that behaviour was expected considering what was done

I was merely looking at twitch on chrome, noticed that some sites werent loading (due to a cookie/cache issue), so I had Edge up with twitch on it as well, and poof BSOD  


Journeyman III

Ya it works about 2-3 hours but then my computer completely dies. If i try to shut off my pc screen goes black and wont turn off so i have to manually flip the switch on the PSU. Please fix amd its better but still rediculous that its this bad and unstable

Adept II

I Saw the 19.7.3 the other Day, but was to scared to Update it, so im still running 19.7.1 without any problems, im just gonna wait for some updates or till i get some problems

Journeyman III

No, it doesn't work! 19.7.3 with new W10 installation on a completelly new SSD and it is still the same as it was at the day one. Nothing has been changed.


I did some more testing to see which games run and which don't. All of my games, except GTA and Star Wars Battlefront II which crash at launch, run like normal. Seeing that so many people are having the same issue with other games like Overwatch, Apex, etc. I have also discovered that I can't watch any videos or movies in full screen. If I do, my monitors flicker and will eventually freeze me system. I have tried watching some videos on the Movies & TV app, but as soon as I stop moving the mouse my monitors black screen and the audio still plays. Moving the mouse brings the picture back up.

The only workaround that I know of since looking at these forum posts is installing the drivers without the setup execution. I was able to play all of my games just fine, but there are no Radeon Settings goodies. 

Uninstall current driver with DDU -> restart -> open device manager -> display adapters -> right click on the current adapter and select update driver -> browse computer for driver software -> locate the install directory folder that you've set up (example C:/AMD) -> check the little box to make sure that all subfolders are included -> restart computer.

Like I said, this worked when both 19.7.1 and 19.7.2 absolutely failed for me. If you're still using either one of these new drivers and you aren't experiencing issues obviously you have nothing to worry about.

My system specs:
Windows 10 (64-bit)

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

XFX Radeon RX 5700

G.Skill Ripjaw V 32GB (4x8GB)

Corsair HX850i

Journeyman III

One more issue to report.  V-sync in Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to be bugged now.  It was working fine with 19.7.2, but now gets stuck at 30fps, whatever v-sync setting I have it on and a flickering single line of pixels appears about a centimetre from the top of the screen.  V-sync off works as it should.