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5700xt Crashing

Question asked by scarceloot on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by scarceloot

Have been having issues since day with my 5700xt, it should be noted that I have two identical builds (one for me, one for my wife). Her system has been issue free without a single crash, where as mine has crashed in every game I play (Fornite, WoW, LoL, Rust, Stardew Valley). The crashes are either full system crashes (causes EZ Debug LED which forces you to clear/jump the CMOS) or more recently crashes to desktop and the system will reboot automatically. 


Other forums are reporting multiple users experiencing this issue due to AMD Radeon VSR (virtual screen resolution) being enabled via setting adviser. The problem is when you disable it, the bug will persist though the setting is off and the only way to undo the setting is by DDUing the GPU driver.


To do so, DDU (while in windows safe mode) the GPU driver, then reinstall the 5700xt driver (Adrenaline). Upon reinstallation DO NOT enable any settings Radeon adviser suggests. I personally have done these steps and have not crashed (yet) but others are stating they are still having issues with older motherboards. Since doing the DDU I have ran Heaven on ultra settings and scored 2845 with 112.9 frames (43 min / 210 max), I will reply back here if I crash again.



X570 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon (Bios MFlashed to 7B93v11)
5700xt Sapphire


G.Skill Ripjaw V 3600 CL16 

XF270HU WQHD IPS 144hz