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Journeyman III

x670 Gigabyte 7950X3D, corsiar 6600 running stock 4800. random usb unreognized error.

Dear All,


I have a new built 1000W PSU, Gigabyte X670 Aorus Elite AX with 7950X3D with RTX4070TI. Have been running all stock in BIOS, no undervolt, no XMP or EXPO. I have installed Windows 11 8 times!!


System is great and stable but once a while when there is a issue with usb unrecognized error, Windows 11 will slow down some apps cannot even run like Gigabyte Control centre and some apps will be unresponsive. Also when you try to restart or shutdown it just hangs on the restart or shutdown screen. I have unplugged all usb devices and this problem is intermittent.

I have fresh installed Windows 11 and the system was fine for 10 days everything working perfectly but yesterday once i updated windows 11 to the update avail yesterday the usb error came out again.


Can someone please help me if they have worked on a solution?




Charles C

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Volunteer Moderator

Look to see if there is a BIOS update for your motherboard.  The F11a BIOS from 21 July 2023 is the one you should be running and if you are not, that's a place to start - do the BIOS flash.

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Journeyman III

Thanks BigAI01, i have already updated to F11a BIOS.