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Adept I

What was your First AMD Processor----

Mine was Sempron

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Journeyman III

I believe is was a 586 hand-me-down.

First purchased was a Phenom X2 I think.


Currently, I use FX8350 as it runs beautifully with no flaw with the Asus Sabertooth 990FX version 3.0 motherboard. Now, I struggle to figure it out because of Microsoft Windows 11. My current processor had been rejected by Microsoft without reason. I have Windows 11 beta as it ran smoothly with the FX8350. I hope AMD can work out with Microsoft to resolve and be capable with the FX series.
I wish to buy a new Ryzen, but the problem is I retired and earned social security retirement checks. I can no longer afford to buy new hardware at this time.
Thanks, AMD for, the finest hardware!


I encountered the same problem with Windows 11 incompatibility with my FX3850 (on an ASUS M5A99FX). I don't understand why the FX is incompatible, but Microsoft lists many vastly inferior Athlon II & Phenom II cpu's as compatible ...


I don't know why you are complaining. Only AMD CPUs that are fairly new are on the Windows 11 compatibility list. I have computers that have a Ryzen 7 1700X and a Ryzen 7 2700U that aren't compatible with Windows 11. BTW, I also have a computer with a FX-8350 that works fine with Windows 10.


Yes! This was my first AMD processor as well. Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

Had to look through old emails to see what it was.

Adept I

Mine was a 486DX4-120! Beat that!!

BEATEN!! Mine was an AMD 386DX40.(and i still have the chip and board that works)

Awesome.....i just found an old AMD 387 Math-co processor in my box of junk..and a k6-2 350! LOL!


its a antique...


I had the 386. It did exist


I had one too!



The Englishman
Adept I

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE which was the first overclocking that was really finicky.  Still have it because I bought it after Hurricane Katrina.  

Journeyman III

486 followed by a K6

Think mine was a 486 also.  Always bought AMD instead of INTEL.

Journeyman III

I think mine was the 586 lol

Journeyman III

believe it was a sempron, started in the mid 80's using AMD, have not looked back!!

Mine was an AMD K6-III. I have rooted for AMD ever since. 



Ryzen 5 2600

Athlon 64 dual core I think it was either a 3700 or 3800 series. I can't even recall the MOBO but I think the OS I used was Windows XP Pro with service pack 1. Don't remember if the OS was 32 or 64 bit at the time.


My first I got off of a friend was an FX-4300

First one I bought brand new was the 1700X

Best Regards

My very first AMD Processor was the AM486DX2-66, after that the Phenom II X6.

Journeyman III


Adept I

Pretty happy - built my first PC with AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core ^_^

I've been through so many I can't remember sadly, but I can honestly say I have stuck with AMD most of my life so I have easily gone through a few dozen different models for myself.

Adept I

K6-2 500 in an old Gateway Profile PC. Ah, the memories!!

Adept I

The first processor I bought was an FX8320 from 2014 and it’s still running today!

Adept II

Mine the the original Athlon (K7).

Adept I

If I'm remembering it correctly it was a K6-2 450.  Bought a system that had a Cyrix chip in it and it was the worst.  Upgraded it to the K6-2 and the improvement was off the charts.

Adept I

The first AMD processor i used was an AMD DX4-100 back in 1995

I also owned many throughout the years

AMD K6 300

AMD K7 Athlon 550

AMD Thunderbird Athlon 650

AMD Thunderbird Athlon 900

AMD Thunderbird Athlon 1266

AMD Thunderbird Athlon 1300

AMD Palomino Athlon XP 1600+ - 2100+

AMD Thoroughbred Athlon XP 2400+ - 2800+

AMD Barton Athlon XP 3200+

AMD Winsor Athlon 64 X2 4400+ - 4800+

I took a 12 year hiatus from building my own PCs and recently came back 

Ryzen 7 3700X

Ryzen 9 5900X

looking back over all those past processors guess i have been around for a bit. 

My first AMD Processor is a AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor I purchased and built my own system in 18 February 2011 and is still working beautifully.


m y 1st processor was a fx 4300

Duron 1600

3700X, Aorus X570 Pro WIFI, XFX MERC 6700XT, 32GB CL16 3600.

I used mostly pentiums until Athlon XP in a bought PC.

But I did have a slot A Athlon Thunderbird series.  I may even have a goldfinger device stashed away still.

It was a pcb that allowed for more core multipliers to work with faster FSB, IIRC.

My first build was with an Athlon 64.  I don't remember the specs.

My current build is using an ancient Athlon X2 5400+ @ 2.8 GHz stock

I somehow skipped the whole FX series, not for lack of desire, but I've been running this typewriter since 2008 or so.

I have all the parts for a new build using an Athlon Ryzen 5 2600 cpu.

Why haven't I built it?  Cuz I'm squeaking by with Win 7, for which newer hardware support is dwindling.

I can't find it in my heart to get excited about running 10.


My first AMD cpu was a 386! 

Then the 486 (AMD always had the better concepts, but seemed to take longer to get to market than Intel back then) ...

Through multiple Athalons, including the first x64 at an AMD/Microsoft reseller launch event ...

My home server is still an Opteron 180 going strong,

My two current desktops are a Phenom 9850 & a killer FX 8350, both Black Editions

Since even the FX isn't included in the Windows 11 compatibility list, I guess it's time to upgrade to a Ryzen, lol

Journeyman III


Adept I

For my first post, the first processor I ever purchased was an Athlon 700 that I got as a kid over 20 years ago.  I happen to have it in a storage box right here, why do I keep these things?

Journeyman III

First processor was a 3600


I don't remember the first..

But when AMD introduced the 1Ghz cpu, I got one straight away..

I wanted to see how much faster it was than the Pentium I had, safe to say it kicked the Pentium's ****....

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.

That was the Thunderbird CPU. One of the only times AMD ever had a tv commerical. 1Ghz was a huge barrier.