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Journeyman III

AMD literally stole my CPU. What can I do?

My Ryzen 5800x was faulty and after opening a warranty claim I had sent in my CPU months ago, and according to the DHL tracking information it was delivered to the AMD warehouse on June 1st. Before it was delivered my parcel was lost for over a month, and they didn't believe that I had actually sent in my CPU. Well, after it was somehow delivered they claimed that the parcel was empty and there was no cpu inside. After that they kept asking me for several things such as screenshot of the order confirmation email etc, all of which I have sent them. Now they asked me for an ''attachment'' of the confirmation email (no idea what that means) and that they can't continue the RMA without it. I asked several times what they mean by that however no response.


I am thinking of taking legal action but before I do that, do any of you know about anything that I can do? I have tried calling the AMD support number of my country (in benelux) but the phone numbers don't work.

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possibly if you post your RMA Request number one of the Moderators can check on the status of your RMA.

I guess AMD wants to see the original Confirmation Email that was sent. So reply back and attach the AMD Confirmation email to it.

That's the problem, I only have a screenshot of the confirmation email because they asked me for it before. I don't have access to that email account anymore (lost my password) and they won't help me.


email account anymore (lost my password)

Is password recovery an option?
Because from AMD side they must ensure there is no scam happening.

Btw mail robbery is quite widespread. You should've recorded how, and what you are sending to them, i guess.