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Journeyman III

3970x I would like to receive an American product as, but I am a Korean.

I was using AMD's CPU products.
I chose a good product and used it well, but suddenly it doesn't boot.
I left immediately and checked the experts, but it was unsuccessful.
This is my product information.
Product: AMD 3970x
I live in Korea, but I bought a genuine American product
It is said that as is impossible in the Korean distributor.
i need help now
What should I do right away?

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If you purchased a sealed Official AMD Retail Box processor you have a International 3 year AMD Warranty on it.

You will need you official Receipt showing the purchase of your processor that shows the Retailer/Vendor name.

You can open a AMD Warranty Ticket from here :

It has several language version but not Korean. Also read the entire Warranty form (Small type) when filling it out.

Here is AMD Warranty Conditions and Terms for PIB (Processor in Box):

Screenshot 2022-11-22 114441.png