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Journeyman III

Unity games don't run AMD Radeon HD 8750M

In general, such a problem, games on the Unity engine do not run. All libraries and drivers of the latest versions. I tried to install drivers from the laptop manufacturer's website did not help, I installed the latest drivers did not help either. Please help, I don't really want to buy another computer

Laptop: HP ProBook 455 G1

Video Card: AMD 8750M | Processor: AMD A8 4500M | RAM: 8 GB | Windows 10 x64 21h2

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Your problem is you have a AMD APU Processor and the last compatible AMD Driver is from 2015/2016:

The last AMD driver for the HD8750M is from 06/21/2021 which isn't compatible with your older AMD APU Processor Integrated Graphics - HD7640G.

So you are forced to install the APU Integrated Graphics from 2015/2016 which will also install the HD8750M driver for your laptop.

Unfortunately, the 2016 BETA driver probably is not compatible with the latest games that you are trying to play.

You can see what games your laptop can run from these gaming websites:

System Requirements - Can I Run It 

PC Game - Can I Run It

Game Debate - Can I Run It 



And if AMD A8 4500M is changed to AMD A10 5700M, will the drivers become compatible?


I doubt you can upgrade your Laptop APU Processor from a A8-4500M to a A10-5700M since the APU Processor is probably soldered to your laptop's motherboard.

It would cost more then your laptop is worth to upgrade the processor in your laptop.

BUT just for troubleshooting sake, if you can upgrade to the A10- 57xxM APU Processor you would still be in the same boat since the integrated graphics driver will still be from 2015/2016.

Any AMD APU processor with a HD XXXX Integrated Graphics will have only the latest drivers from 2015/2016. You will need to upgrade to a A10 with either a R6 graphics or a A10xxP processor which uses the last AMD driver from 06/2021.

Simply put your laptop is too old for the latest games. 



CUDA is  strictly a technology by Nvidia GPU cards and not AMD GPU cards which is why there is no support for CUDA by AMD.

But many professional softwares runs well with AMD GPUs even though it might be optimized to use Nvidia's CUDA technologies.


Thank you for your help, well, only assembling a new PC will help here)

Journeyman III

I think this is your solution:

This works on my ATI Radeon HD 6770M. I hope you can fix your issue.