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Adept I

Can U Fix Cs GO Loading/Freeze Issues with amd gpus ?

Hello my system 3700x, rx 6600, 16gb 3600mhz ram. Also have m2 ssd cause i want fast loading screens. I mostly play cs go but loading times is an issue on amd gpus almost take 5 min and sometimes its freeze while map loading. Low texture and disable_d3d9ex fixin issue but i dont want play on low textures and disable_d3d9ex makin alt+tab laggy and texutres not loading back after alt+tab. I saw threats almos 1 year but u're not fixing this issue. I had 2070 super gtx 1050 before it was okay after i got rx 6600 it started. Can u fix please people dont want buy amd gpus cause of this issues.

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Adept I

RX 6600 XT ; Ryzen 5 5600



Same. First map loads fast, but the second time takes couple minutes, the impact of this is that resetting game before playing second time is faster.

Experienced this after setting game to default settings and config + resetting launch options (Had player model lags when moving camera, thats why i had to default my settings.)

Adept II

In game set textures to Low everything else can be max. In the launch command box of steam enter


this came from a reddit post but worked perfectly for me, maps load in 1 s again. Experienced after upgrading from 570 to 6700 XT