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Adept I

Time to change sales strategy to in store only for launch

I've heard many horror stories of people trying to purchase products since vega64, but this is my first time at attempting to purchase a card since my Fury X and Firepro w8100, which i was able to purchase in store. To my surprise at 6:00 am pst I went to bestbuy, newegg, and amazon but did not see a single gpu. I was constantly refreshing the pages on newegg, where 1 finally showed up but was immediately out of stock. I kept refreshing and minutes later another, but was out of stock. I used multiple browsers to make sure I didn't have caching issues, but I still saw the same 2 results at around 6:40 on newegg. Bestbuy just had a coming soon, so I figured it was not released yet and waited until I finally saw the coming soon sign turn to sold out on bestbuy. I read on forums they were already sold out but I was in disbelief as I never saw the gpus at 6:00am and bestbuy had a coming soon sign from 6:30 - 7:00am. I come back later and now I see 5 gpus on on newegg, and am now baffled at what exactly was the release time and why are you selling online when clearly you can't control the distribution.

The main difference I come back to when I purchased my original cards is I was able to buy them in store. What is the logic on selling them only online when supposedly you have bots breaking the process; or just a broken process in general. When Trying to purchase direct from I received a 503, and when I  was able to get through the only option was to buy the ryzen 3950x. Why not for the first few months only sell to retailers that have a physical location, with a limit of 1 per household? Evidently it seems you know bots are a problem and scalpers, and in combination they seem to be in abundance. So, why try the same thing over and over when it keeps giving the same results? It doesn't take the A team to realize clearly online only sales is not there yet, and for a release evidently it should not be your first go to strategy. 

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