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$340K Worth of MSI RTX 3090 GPUs Stolen in Factory Heist

MSI has announced today that $340,000 worth of Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs have been stolen from its factory. The theft, which is theorized to have involved as many as 10 GPUs given current prices, may have been an inside job.

More seriously, MSI states that 40 “boxes” of RTX 3090 GPUs were affected with a value of $336,500. MSRP on the RTX 3090 is $1,500, so we’re talking about 170 to 220 GPUs depending on selling prices. The company’s shipping area is covered by factory surveillance and it inspects trucks coming and going from the facility, which is part of why the firm suspects it may have a thief on the inside.

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You can buy one on Ebay.