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Journeyman III

Streaming with a 6500xt and integrated graphics

Hey hope somebody can help me

I have a PC With Ryzen 2400g 

i used to stream it was pretty good

i added to my setup a RX6500XT and is pretty good actually but theres an issue that i have

i cant stream with "Hardware(amd)" on Streamlabs

i know the 6500xt doesnt have a video encoder

but heres the thing, somehow i could stream playing with my rx6500xt and encoding with the ryzen 5 VEGA graphics

i dont know how i did that 

but i reinstall the AMD Drivers because i had too and now i cant stream 

i dont know what i did to stream with the VEGA graphics, im trying to run the Streamlabs with the vega but i cant, i dont know if somebody can help me to setup this again

i know its possible because i did it once (it wasnt once, i streamed for like 3 months with this)

if somebody has an idea of how this thing works it would be awesome if can help me!

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