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Add more Hotkeys

I just want to add a Hotkey for Scaling Mode and Integer Scaling.

When I create some Custom Resolutions and it depends in some games it works (Like DX9 based games) for example if I create an 21:9 resolution (1600x686) on almost any DX9 game i can see black bars up and down (I wanna see it ¨Filmic scene¨) but in some DX11 it works only activating Scaling Mode to Center and others DX12 or Vulkan i need Integer Scaling turn on.


It will be awesome to have a Hotkey for every time I change resolutions or games for easy use and not opening every time AMD Driver

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Hello Rodrigez I'm Jameel Perkins is it possible to play My Retro-PIE Raspberry pi 400 from my capture card MIRABOX 4K But I Wanna know will it work with AMD  Integer Scaling Because everything is in 4K please Listen to my message because I Wanna make it happen here ?