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So I made the jump to AM5

I've been running AM4 since I traded off my Intel 7700k setup for a Ryzen 7 1700 and ASUS B350 Prime Plus. Since my initial ASUS board, I've been running strictly ASRock AM4 motherboards and know my way around their BIOS's fairly well.

My new rig is in my sig

The first thing I did was to update the BIOS before doing a clean install of Windows 11 on brand new drives. I reset BIOS to defaults. With everything basically set to auto I enabled EXPO on my 2 x 16GB 6000 rated DDR5 and it wouldn't boot.

I kept having to flip the switch on the power supply , turn it off and then turn it back on and THEN hit the power button on the case and the setup would eventually boot telling me it failed to boot and then direct me back to the BIOS

After fiddling around in Gigabyte's AM5 BIOS, I gave up on EXPO initially and was just going to proceed with installing Windows .. but .. even at defaults I still had to do the PSU switch flip to get it to boot

The Windows install went just fine except for the reboots where I have to turn the PSU off/on, hit power button ..etc

When my setup is booted, it runs stable and great ..super fast .. Windows is fully updated .. latest AM5 chipset drivers from .. latest Realtek 2.5gb LAN drivers from Realtek .. latest GPU drivers from not that drivers matter at all when it comes to just booting, but thought I'd just list that here.

I've tried turning off the DDR Training option .. I fiddled around with what I think are the DDR voltages (some major BIOS setting differences that I'm learning) .. I set the infinity fabric to 2000 instead of auto and random other settings that I can't remember exactly what as I was just chasing down every single BIOS option not knowing what a lot of them actually do

I did finally get EXPO to work by enabling EXPO, setting System Memory Multiplier to 60 instead of Auto, turning off , there is another DDR setting buried that tells the RAM to "shoot for" (my interpretation) for whatever speed that I set to 6000 .. and then turning DDR training off as well as manually setting Infinity Fabric to 2000 .. NOW EXPO runs and Windows has been stable as a rock so far ... once I get there, lol.

To be honest though, I haven't rebooted since I got EXPO to work soooo ... I'm not sure IF it will automagically just reboot without issues now or I have to keep flipping the PSU switch with almost every reboot still. 

I just let my PC go to sleep instead of turning it off

Growing pangs with a new platform that I went through with AM4 upon it's initial release. I'm sure, just like AM4 .. BIOS updates will alleviate most if not all of these annoyances/issues

IF anybody out there is a Gigabyte AM5 BIOS guru, I could sure use some pointers/guidance in what does what instead of stumbling through everything like I've been doing so far

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