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Journeyman III

AMD rewards credit refund?


So I've recently upgraded to a 6800 XT graphics card. It runs great and I've had no issues so far, and even got to redeem a game through AMD rewards! I was very happy so far, but the game that I received for the promotion was The Last of Us port... I was nervous when I heard the state of the port. I tried it anyway, and literally could not even play the game. Other games have been running great with minimal load times, but just trying to start the game and let it "load shaders" took over an hour. I'm frustrated but it's free so I can't complain too much. I was just curious if it was possible to refund the credit, and use for a different game? It's probably wishful thinking considering it was a free promotion, but I'm just upset a great game has gotten this sub par port. Just curious if it would be possible. If not I guess we can hold out and hope they fix it... Eventually.

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