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Journeyman III

Screen help

hello i have amd Radeon rx580 and a samsung space monitor which supports 144hz and when i play pc games on my monitor i get the screen which I provided below!! can someone explain whats going on plssss. When i connect and play xbox to my monitor this doesnt happen. it only happens when im on my pc playing games

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We can help.  Answer some of these questions so I can guide you the right direction:

  • Does it ONLY happen when you launch a game or are you able to see the desktop and browse the internet just fine?
  • Does it only happen on one game or ALL games?
  • Has this ever worked or always had this problem?

We can start off by removing the drive through DDU in safe mode, then installing the latest one from  Let us know.


This only happens when I'm in game playing games. I can browse and do other stuff fine when it's on 144hz. My graphics card is amd radeon rx 580. This been happening for awhile. I don't think it's a monitor problem tho bc when I connect my xbox and play games on the monitor there's no issues. This issues happens when I play games like Overwatch and Apex legends which are my 2 games I play